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Mobile Veterinary Services

Miller & O'Connor provides haul-in and mobile veterinary services for horses and small animals throughout Montgomery and the surrounding areas. Your horses, dogs, and cats are in good hands with our caring team.

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Performance Horse Medicine

We utilize an integrative approach using several different tools to help us get a clear picture of your horse’s health. We also use these tools and some procedures to give us an idea of your horse’s preparedness for the athletic season and to help your horse recover from sports-related wear and tear. Some of these tools and procedures include:

  • Complete physical exam
  • Lameness evaluation
  • Diagnostic nerve/joint blocks
  • Digital radiographs / ultrasound / endoscopy / ECG

After evaluating your horse and taking into consideration the performance goals you have, the best therapy option(s) will be determined. These may include intra-articular therapies, systemic therapies (Adequan, Legend, and Cosequin), regenerative therapies (PRP), shockwave therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation. If surgery is the best therapy, then we will refer to the best hospital and specialist for your horse’s needs.

The athletic horse often sustains injuries which require medical attention and physical rehabilitation to get them back to the peak of performance.

The use of therapeutic joint/tendon injections utilizing hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory agents or regenerative therapy such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) help to maintain your horse's athletic career. PRP is a regenerative therapy that utilizes growth factors and inflammatory mediators from your horse’s blood to accelerate the recovery process.

A class of injectable medications called bisphosphonates is frequently used to temporarily stop bone pain and arthritis formation. Two of the medications in this class that we use are Tildren and Osphos. Ask us if these medications are right for your horse.


Digital radiographs (X-rays), Digital Ultrasound, Endoscopy

Shockwave Therapy

SW or ESWT uses pressure waves applied directly to the affected limb, soft tissue or back that cause a biologic change in the tissue being treated, stimulating the body to heal faster while relieving pain. This helps the body speed healing and improve the quality of healing.

Equine Dentistry

To fully assess your horse’s oral health, we use a combination of a visual examination, palpation of the oral cavity, and specialized dental instruments to identify any issues affecting your horse’s mouth. We provide routine dental equilibration (floating), extractions, and dental radiographs to help keep your horse at their best.

Preventative Care services

We strive to provide excellent preventative care for your horse. This is designed to help keep him/her feeling good and performing at their best so they will stay healthy well into their senior years. We offer a variety of services tailored to your individual horse’s needs to help maintain his/her optimal health. These include core vaccinations, dentistry, parasite control, nutritional counseling, yearly blood work, Coggins testing, as well as medical and lameness evaluations.

Performance Horse Medicine Equine Dentistry

Alternative Therapies

Our doctors also provide a complementary medical approach to the health care of your animal with their specialized training in veterinary acupuncture, spinal manipulation (veterinary chiropractic), and herbal therapies — your animal benefits from this integrative medical approach with better health and less pain.

Prepurchase Examinations

Our experienced doctors can assist you in your next equine purchase. We utilize a complete physical, lameness, neurological, and ophthalmic examination to help guide you in regards to potential performance issues with your new purchase. Airway, oral, and reproductive exams as well as radiographs, laboratory testing, and endoscopy can also be performed at your request.


Routine surgeries, including castration, mass removals, cryosurgery, and laceration repairs can be done at our facility or your farm.

Reproduction and foaling services

Breeding soundness examinations, including uterine cultures and biopsies, are routinely performed to aid mares in preparation for breeding. Artificial insemination is also routinely performed stall side or at our facility.

Many foals have been welcomed into the world at our farm. We can help ease your stress by boarding your pregnant mare and watching over her delivery. Our facility has 24-hour video monitoring with night vision so that nothing is missed.

Reproduction and Foaling Services